This is a logo for my WHAT SHADOWS KNOWS project, where photography captures the souls of the dead and resurrects them. The idea is based on a photo camera’s aperture with the shape of the coffin.

A mock magazine cover relating to the book The Phantom of the Opera. Photo was taken by David Henry on Pexels.

These diagrams were created for a patent, which have specific US requirements for their design. Part of the patent included a section about screen printing, and this diagram goes over that process.

Here are a few elements from the periodic table, using design to present their atomic structure.

A marked deck of cards, designed to allow someone to know what’s on the other side with small indications on the back. The five-pointed star denotes ace through ten, along the moon phases on the left. Keys with shorter notches tell what suit it is, and the keyhole points to the color of the suit. The crowns above the keys have circles or diamonds, the combinations revealing the face card.

One- and two-eyed jacks are also included in this design set.

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